Specialising in Fitness Photography, Product Photography and Pet Photography. Servicing Brisbane & the Gold Coast

At Matthew Saxen Photography you will be treated to strobe (flash) light inside and outside. With a combination of regular strobes and battery powered strobes I have your product photography needs covered for picture perfect images or a beautiful fitness photography shoot or to capture your pets personality with my special pet photography techniques.

If you are an aspiring model who is looking for something different, then a strobe lit fitness photography session may be what you are looking for. This method is done through underexposing the background and exposing the subject correctly giving amazing results!

My studio pet photography is something really special

If your looking for a fun filled pet photography session of your dog, cat or bird then check out my portfolio! Something that melts my heart is animals. If your pet has become a member of your family then I can create some precious memories for you!

My product photography is clean, sharp and will give you a sales edge

I can deliver beautiful images that will help you convert traffic to sales. Product photography requires a lot of attention to detail. It takes time to get the lighting spot on. The editing of your product is also crucial to get it to the level you need to make it sell. I do offer 3D product photography too!

Get in touch with me today to arrange your fitness photography or pet photography or product photography booking

Speak to me today for any additional information regarding my top-quality photography I am proud to offer. To make a booking you can do so by either phoning 0450 267 127 to discuss things with me directly or alternatively you can contact me via email and I will get back to you shortly. I look forward to hearing from you!